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Saturday, July 14, 2012


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All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, duty, mercy.

This also goes for things of darkness, heavy and simple words, slavery, injustice, corruption, cruelty.

Today we pause to occupy ourselves with some of these heavy words.

The first is the injustice and corruption. The injustice of a legal system that protects the privileges of a few illegal and rich, while releasing your anger blind in many, against the innocent and the poor.

Bribery of a legal system that turns your blind eye to intimidate by the multinationals and their mercenaries against ourselves through national threats from the U.S. government against Sweden ( blacklist WTO ).

We know MPAAs bullying, we know that police bought (Jim Keyzer ), we know lugados hacker attacks against us.And we know of the injustice and corruption of the machine this year sentenced to three friends from all of us to jail for practicing what they call crimes without criminals.

The policeman Jim Keyzer, the leader and key witness in the investigation over the Pirate Bay, returned to his work in the police unit of IT crimes after having been employed by Warner Bros. for several months.
Warner Bros now admits. Keyzer was working for them while he was conducting research on the case Bay.O Pirate Pirate Bay case went to court in a few months from now, but the controversy around it began to establish itself as a Hollywood plot. Reports today indicate that the Attorney Roswall was contacted by a lawyer working for Warner recently. The lawyer announced that he wanted to disclose the circumstances behind the contracting officer Jim Keyzer.

Roswall and Warner Bros. now admit what we already reported in April the Police IT forensics. The specialist Jim Keyzer started working for the movie studio before the Pirate Bay investigation be closed. Keyzer has completed its license which justified his absence, and is back with the IT Crime Unit in Stockholm.

This contradicts an earlier statement from Warner Bros., which initially denied that Keyzer was not hired or paid by the film studio when he was still working the case. This new information has serious implications for the trial of the Pirate Bay

Peter Sunde, one of the founders of Pirate Bay told TorrentFreak in a response: "I think it's obvious that he came to work for them for a long time during the investigation. In addition, the MPA lawyer Monique has told newspapers that Jim was hired because he did a good job for them. "
The members of the Pirate Bay are not pleased with the actions de Keyzer, and registered a complaint. Reported that "at least" three complaints were filed, including an alleged attempt to bribe the police.
"I hope the police take the matter seriously and dismiss him from his work. He can not work for the police after having been paid by corporations to make anti-piracy work, when it is part of his job in the police" , Sunde said.
The Pirate Bay trial began this year, and the Pirate Bay's lawyers used employing Keyzer Warner Bros. to raise questions about the objectivity of research.

Maybe the're not impressed with it. The fact is that this state of affairs has long been known to us all. We are no longer in shock when we see the wickedness of multinational corporations, corrupt politicians and so-called justice.

But we are still surprised to see them not ashamed. And from that nossurpreendemos ingenuity of our hope.

We still hope that shame is something that their consciences have left behind. We still hope they have not disgraced themselves so much that you become immune to it.

And that hope comes another one of those heavy words with which we must deal with today. CORRUPTION. Our duty. It is said that the duty of youth is to challenge corruption, but that goes for all of us.

And this duty is great. He tries our loyalty to our energy and consciousness and will. Today our duty is to help Peter get "brokep" Sunde, a legend who did so much for our freedom and so has been unjustly convicted.

Together we can show the importance and Peter Sunde of The Pirate Bay for many of us - an importance that goes beyond the sharing of torrents. Together we can show the strength of many to the few, the powerful, rich and corrupt. Petition with 10,000 names in this act with force. 50.000 With the Swedish government can do to feel and act in accordance with the shame that should be theirs.

Click here to sign the petition!

Understand the case
After being convicted for his involvement in The Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde must then meet eight months of a prison sentence in Sweden and pay an amount equivalent to 11 million Euros in damages.
This week in a final attempt to preserve their freedom Sunde made ​​an apology. According to his lawyer, Sunde is suffering from serious mental problems and be sent to jail will only increase their disease.

It was also said that Sunde is arrested he will lose his current job.

I read the apology of the Sunde and I had no doubts at putting me to translate that reveals the corruption of the Swedish government. It may seem a long text, it is exciting and revealing too much, deserves to be read by all who work or use the Internet to have against the notion that we are dealing with when we talk of freedom on the web.

Below, read in full the letter of forgiveness of Peter Sunde.

I'd like to tell a story of my life, a story that has become very important - not only for me but for the global Internet and emerging. I ended up having a role in the eye of the hurricane. For its consideration of apology sent, I feel that this letter is required: an insight into what went wrong and why you need to fix it. You see, indirectly, I do not ask forgiveness for myself, I apologize for a judicial system that was crushed by a steamroller of lobbyists and ignorance.But above all, I apologize to our culture and communications future. My case has a significant impact for them.

This is a long story, so let's start immediately.

A little more than six years ago, something strange happened in the history of Sweden. The police conducted a raid in twelve locations in Sweden, police raided these places in search of something or anything that could be used against a search engine on the Internet.

Nothing like this has ever happened in Sweden and probably will never happen again. The days that followed produced tens of thousands of articles worldwide. Thousands of people, mostly young adults, took to the streets protesting. They protested that their cultural life had been violated.

I participated in a protest, and political interest and being the spokesperson for the search engine in question. A search engine that helps people to connect around the world and share information. A search engine so popular that almost every day, got an email talking about how the system has changed her life. Pictures of tattoos with your logo painted on someone's body. Cheers for the Swiss service that changed people's lives. The protests came at just one thing: People felt trepudiadas around the world. I remember standing up in Mynttorget square early one June morning in 2006, noting representatives of all parties in parliament shouting their anger about what had recently been discovered. The United States had threatened Sweden with a small commercial sanctions if the service was not discontinued.

The news program Rapport of the Swedish Public Television told the shameful story. The powerful Hollywood demanded that the White House should force Sweden to do something about the cultural sharing that was going out of control Hollywood. The Swedish minister of justice at the time, Thomas Bodström was called to a meeting at the White House and was informed of the consequences of not complying with the request: U.S. trade sanctions against Sweden in the context of the WTO. The Sweden could become a second Cuba.

Some months before, an attorney came to the conclusion that the service could not be sentenced to a crime in Sweden. He sent a memo explaining this to his superiors. After a meeting between representatives of the department of justice and Sven-Erik Alhem, the prosecutor of the time above, the prosecutor reconsiders the time. A quick search of seizure was necessary in full force, in fact so strong that when the search was conducted the police did not know what to get. They seized hundreds of computers in different cities, but also speakers, cables and the like. They do not know the size of things they were supposed to look, then decided, at the section of apprehension, rent trucks from local gas stations and send all the goods they had seized. In short, it is stressful, unplanned and poorly thought out. So I felt that the police had missed several of the locations where the search had activities.

Thomas Bodström promised to clarify what had happened. However, after 700 letters between him and the United States on the subject were classified as state secrets. We still could not see them. In the aftermath of the political scandal that was uncovered, the Swedish national registries were crowded with accusations of the Constitutional Committee, Parliamentary Ombudsman and the Chancellor of Justice. The newly founded Swedish Pirate Party became one of the largest in Sweden in a matter of days. A few weeks later, an election was held. None of the kids wanted more vote for the leaders of Social Democracy, knowing that the Social Democrats have sold their interests lobbyists for organizations of the United States. The Socialist Democrats lost power in part because of this scandal.

Just two days after the arrests, The Pirate Bay was back online. The service is easy to copy and no advanced features. This was one of the main features with the technology described, be smart and easily maintained at that level. It was so easy to maintain that no one had almost touched the system until the seizure.

The attention to The Pirate Bay only grew after that. It could have been a great service before, but now became one of the top 100 online services.Global Media came into contact without stopping.

My involvement in The Pirate Bay was one and only one: A spokesman for media.

Suddenly images of my face were being printed on the front page of newspapers around the world. I was invited daily to television and radio to discuss political issues around the subject of file sharing. Debates followed for days on end, and I hardly found time to do my day job, thinking it was a very important issue. I was myself becoming increasingly active in the political aspect after the seizures, and indirectly, I became a representative of those who say that file sharing is good for society as a whole.

The seizures were severe and hard. As mentioned earlier, were held in twelve places ma Sweden. I lived in Oslo, Norway at this time, seeing me as a very peripheral in the context. My popularity of The Pirate Bay had been informed of charges against them, but nothing else happened for a long time. After about 2 ½ years, I received a letter. At this time I had moved to Sweden, and was being called as testemnha, being called to give my testimony as a witness to the police a few weeks.

Around 30 people were called as witnesses. Some were known to me, some I had never heard about. Time passed and I had to go to the police station to give my testimony. A day earlier, the interrogator leader Jim Keyzer (who was also responsible for all research) calls me and tells me he'll be accused of the crime on arrival. He tells me that this being the case, I would have the right to be a lawyer present. He did not stop there, and gives me the hint to find "the first lawyer I find, since we are in a hurry to solve it." He also said I should "avoid picking the best lawyer in Stockholm" for his work not later. Suddenly the investigation is in a world of hurry to be finished.

I am a reasonably intelligent person. Obviously, I see that something is wrong when a cop asks me to pick a bad lawyer. So I immediately call the first good lawyer I know, Peter Althin. Althin took on the case immediately, and called the police in question. The pilicial became enraged because he had already planned your trip to the city of Malmö, where I heard it, and found enraivecedor he would schedule a second trip to the city.

A few weeks later, Jim Keyzer came to Malmö to question me. My lawyer was with me, and both he and I think that something was very strange. My lawyer told me that in years in his long career with very high-profile cases he has never seen a interragor so stressed out and rude. He found it very strange indeed. I thought it looked like a scene from a bad movie, Keyzer yelled at me when I was being childish to answer "no comment" (as I did not want to say anything that might affect my friends), in some parts of the transcript is transcribed only written " incomprehensible. " These are the times when Keyzer is outraged and screaming so loud that the microphone is not able to record audio.

It may seem strange that I'm giving emphasis to Keyzer here, but there is a reason. It's the way this case was conducted. Sweden has a reputation as a country with high morals, without corruption and with common sense guide to justice. In my case it was thrown aside. Jim Keyzer is one of many examples.

One week after completing the investigation, one of my friends noticed that Jim Keyzer changed his Facebook network. He was no longer part of the "Police Authority in Stockholm", but now become part of the "Warner Brothers".Warner Brothers is one of the corporations behind the charges against The Pirate Bay I was very disappointed and called Jim Keyzer to ask what was happening, and he went inforado company had changed and was now working for NBC Universal and Warner , another corporation behind the charges (not to mention political pressure). Warner and Universal are also part of the Anti-Pirate Bureau, an organization that was one of the plaintiffs during the trial.The new job was Keyzer anti piracy manager for these organizations. He had started the new job the day before the investigations they had formally ended.

The first task of Jim Keyzer in the new company was to find a co-defendant, Gottfrid Svartholm. Gottfrid is a young adult nomad who often live with friends. Since Keyzer had the opportunity to use the resources of the police for information about the whereabouts of Gottfrid, he went to that location to serve the process part of the criminal case that he was investigated for three years, Gottfrid Keyzer eventually found by chance reported that it had not changed jobs.

Using my very comprehensive network, I was informed at what time exactly, that Keyzer had signed a contract with their new employers. It turns out that his new employer had posted the position of public employment, and in some meetings about the ongoing invetigação Keyzer had been informed that he would be a good candidate for the vacancy. After a little research, I managed to find another person who had filled out an application for the same job. He can tell me the exact day he was informed that the vacancy had been occupied, eight days before I received the upgrade witness for defendant in the case.And seven days before Keyzer call me saying about the rush that had to hear all the witnesses. Accordingly, the only time that I met during a police investigation was the same policeman who had already achieved a well-paid job with my opponent in the case. A policeman who was to have almost no speed and finish the case in one day. In a conference that my lawyer saw as one of the strangest of his long career.

At the time of that hearing, I was also the most hated person in the halls of the powerful Hollywood. I was the one individual more important to be silenced, and the spokesman for the nemesis. Young people all over the world listen to me when I talked to them we have the fantastic opportunity for a free and open participatory culture, since we had not to be trapped by these corporations. I talked to all sorts of people, teachers and students, until some of the greatest presidents of countries in the world about the opportunities and risks on the table. The threats were mostly opponents in my case.

When the case appeared in the Swedish District Court, was appointed to a department random as it is right. But the administrator of the department five (department of intellectual property and patents - IPR) did not think this was a criminal case but a case of IPR. So the case was transferred to the department 5 at the request of the department who wanted the case. Later they discovered that much was being allocated randomly to have a judge, there was only chosen to be a judge: Tomas Norström, the department head 5, which had requested that the case be tried in his department. In short, a Swedish judge decided that he should judge a particular case, abusing the system of the district court.

Tomas Norström is very interested in copyright cases. So interested in fact that he also happens to be a member in the Swedish Association for Copyright (Swedish Association for Copyright) and was also the membership of the Swedish Association for Industrial Protection Cool, SFIR. Two organizations that have a clear position on issues of copyright. Two associations that are daughters of international organizations ALAI and AIPPI, two organizations which its bylaws state that its objectives are to further the interests of copyright holders. The directors of these organizations often make statements condemning any kind of copyright infringement, and work to more severe punishments for violators.

Tomas Norström was not considered biased. Furthermore, he neglected to inform his involvement in these associations as he judged to be without consequence to the case. There was plenty of opportunity for him to consider his bias before the trial, and I personally checked the case law and found that two of them were biased. When my lawyer announced this officially, Norström issued a press release where he said he found a lay judge biased (not to mention our complaint). He had found a composer who was active in the labels that were suing us. There was another lay judge who won a check of these industries which Nordström not considered biased.

The procedures in the district court were very strange. There was commotion everywhere. Television crews from the BBC, al-Jazeera, Swedish Public TV, Norwegian Public TV and more. For several days, it was as if the world was watching when Sweden prosecuted a group of people to help and facilitate in a crime without a perpetrator page. Everywhere people shook their caberças. In large research papers had asked whether there should be condemned - 99.8% more than 50 000 said "no" (and had a margin of error of 0.2%, according to the statist newspaper, then possibly 100% .)

During the court proceedings, I noticed a jury sleeping. We were kept to sit and watch screen capture, screendumps immediately held it up to my technical view which files had been downloaded through The Pirate Bay in any way. As shown, the screendumps used as evidence proved conclusively that The Pirate Bay was not available when trying to download something, the prosecutor changed the formal accusation to another title, similar to "aiding and facilitating a helper of a possible crime theory." None of the crimes and therefore could not even be guessed strokes have happened under the jurisdiction Swedish or Norwegian, where I was living during the events for which was on trial. Still, we were condemned.

We were condemned by a sentence together. All were sentenced to one year in jail and 30 million SEK in damages caused in Sweden. It turned out that the court had been biased, but nonetheless it was decladaro Norström had made no error in the formal procedures. Instead, we had to appeal to AppealsCourt.

Looking at the verdict of the district court I could not understand why I had been convicted. There was no direct accusation against me. There was no period of time that I was involved. There was even a crime have been proven, and yet I was convicted of aiding and facilitating a crime that had not been proven to have occurred.

Because of the evidence under the standard accountability had been facing the other side - I knew things could be useful for The Pirate Bay, and therefore, the rationalization followed, these things happen and I had run. Despite the fact that all people who were interviewed reported that everything had been developed and programmed before the events in which I tried, and skills I possess that might have been useful, were decreased by the two founders of The Pirate Bay, capabilities that in the end were not necessary since everything was untouched.

In the court of appeal, the story was similar. There was a judge in the past with Swedish Association for Copyright, but two. There was the jury who works in Spotify - a competitor of The Pirate Bay - which was largely owned by the record companies that were our adversaries. After a painful recorder playback of the testimony of the trial the district court (where even the jury the court of appeals slept slept several times), we were doomed anyway. I personally have been sentenced to eight months in prison and 46 million SEK in prejuízos.Este value with interest, of close to SEK 100 million today (11 million).

As I read the verdict of the court of appeal explaining why I should be personally responsible, I can not find nothing but apathy and impotence.According to the appellate court I did three things that give me responsibility.I'd like to review these three with you.

Among other things, I installed a computer that allegedly operated as a Load Balancer - a computer that makes it possible to distribute the work of great web services across multiple computers. This clearly written in the verdict of the court of appeal that I am responsible for setting up this computer. Such a computer actually existed in one of the racks that the Pirate Bay was located.On the other hand, it was connected to a single cable or wire at all. Some computers have been investigated in national forensic laboratory (Statens Kriminaltekniska Laboratorium). Some computers were inspected as a comb.In some cases, the prosecutor called for computer owners to ask if they would like to make police reports against electronic intrusion by Gottfrid Svartholm, as they found that he had access to computers. Computers that it has maintained for customers. The computer I was supposed responsbilizado is not mentioned in a single line of text except for the protocol of the seizure. I can not find the setting that I am guilty of having created. The configuration that I created, no doubt remains of the appellate court's Suécia.A setting that I can say with 100% certainty that would have proven that this computer has never been used by The Pirate Bay owners have placed on the rack by themselves just weeks before the seizure.

Second point at which I was convicted that I supposedly created a system of genres in The Pirate Bay supposedly I am responsible for improving the functionality of the service somehow injecting genres. Whatever that may mean. In the verdict, it is said that I was responsible for "categorization".When someone uploads something on The Pirate Bay, this person selects the category you want to enter the upload. After that is already there. The category system existed before the trial. I even dare say it has been the same since the first day of The Pirate Bay also genres is something completely different from categories and sub categories. A category can be movies, music or games. A genre can be action, sports or HipHop. There is a significant difference in meaning. But in short, there was no change in the categories of The Pirate Bay since 2004. There was no change in the categories today, and genres never existed, and even then, I was convicted of creating them. The reason for my conviction that I mentioned "genres in the bay" was passed in an email ondeu asked a third person who is responsible for search and answered "I think Peter." At the same time I was involved in setting up a new service, The Video Bay, a service to have streaming video that would come online if it were not for seizures. Despite this, the Swedish court thinks I am guilty of categorizaçlão in The Pirate Bay, proved without a shadow of doubt. Technical evidence does not exist here as well. That would have been super easy to produce, too, and was also a task of responsibility area of ​​Jim Keyzer.

The third point is an action that I have made adimiti. But I do not consider this action as a crime. I was convicted of sending an invoice for advertising in The Pirate Bay since April 2006 (almost a year after the events of the trial began).The history of the bank was simple as someone who pays for publication in The Pirate Bay, and the company managing the advertising, and therefore the first requiring that the invoice was charged by a Swedish company. As I was well liked by all parties, the CEO of Swedish company asked me to send the invoice from my Swedish company. I did this and then paid the bill the company refused to pay them directly. People had disputes between them all and this was the way to solve the problem. I did not get a penny for the action and the money was not in my account for a whole day.

This is something that a company no collection could have done without prosecuted or convicted. Jim Keyzer heard people selling advertising, which collected half the money in no time and decided to sue them for making money from the services of The Pirate Bay Attorney had the same kind of mentality.But looking in detail, I'm sure there was nothing illegal in what I did.

With the objectivity of condemning THe Pirate Bay, I was taken together, evidence or not. Reading the verdict, it becomes obvious that the first step was that I should be condemned, and then try to find something for which I condemn. The fact that the police officer who worked for my opponent in my case (as well as my political opponent) had the opportunity to investigate all the computers in detail, and scolheu not investigate those involved with my convictions lead me to believe that I have not had a fair chance . It is a travesty that there are judges who can choose who to condemn. The staff in the Swedish judicial system has been worth the public power entrusted to them, and made a way in which I hope you feel ashamed for the rest of their lives. They are corrupt and criminals card.

Instead, I would end my long letter to my reflection in all this. I know I'm at a point where I have less than a tenth of a percent chance of escaping punishment. Not having to go to jail for crimes they did not commit. Crimes were committed that even in the first place. Crimes that are not actually crimes to begin with, if they were committed, were not committed by me. It's a bizarre situation with my distance from any likely to commit crimes. Even asim, I should spend a few months stuck in a dependence of the second class, since there is a possibility that I will repeat these crimes. Crimes that have not occurred seven years ago, crimes that are committed to require connectivity for high power machines, physical servers walls and stuff.

Crimes that do not need to be committed because that kind of technology is no longer used.

And once I get out of jail, where I'll certainly be more disgusted with this situation, I have a debt of 100 million SEK (11 million). Money in beautiful numbers, supposedly to make up for help and assistance to facilitate the crimes allegedly theoretically possible that I did things that not happened. An economic debt to one of the richest industries in the world. A debt which means I have no future in Sweden, where I have to live on crumbs and the goodwill of my friends. This debt is equivalent to exile, deportation. I'll have to become an economic refugee in Sweden.

This is a bizarre situation to which the authorities of Sweden close their eyes.It is an insult to all that the judiciary should represent. It is a shame for the entire population. A population that does not share the view of the law of which I am condemned. And it estetipo of thing I hope we can all be forgiven.The loss of confidence in a judicial system that takes sides, the corruption obviously unconstitutional orders through various branches of government that have never been investigated, all the ugly tactics that were used by a trade partner with high power. The system sold Judiciary Swedish individuals. That should not happen in a democracy.

Forgive the people of Sweden this corruption.

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