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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The trivialization of VIDEO, BOOK, AND MUSIC

Bill Gates has said the world after the computer revolution, would never be the same. And we are seeing that today. We are indeed witnessing the trivialization of the information. She is now at our fingertips.

For example. If you have forgotten how to extract square root, just put that question into Google, the most popular search tool on the Internet, and instantly on your small screen will jump several pages explaining how to extract square roots. Or if you prefer an explanatory video, do the same on YouTube, plus text and will also have a movie explaining everything with a didactic presentation at the highest level. Or let's say you have a question about the term database because it is a course you are doing, for example, "cardinal" and immediately will jump on your small screen with thousands of explanations and a perfect one that will be the envy of the didactic his teacher.

The knowledge is there on the Internet. Today is not going to take more of anything. with a little expertize, it makes even an Internet course.

You can also download almost all the books, films, lectures, audio on all that is subject to the speed of thought.

Movies today are swarming in front of us, with plenty of quality and make us dizzy. You can get in torrent sites like torrents in one of numerous sites specializing in movies, and there find sitcoms, movies of all genres, which will be available through a small file you download the free hosting sites such as sharing files to MEGAUPLOAD.

Clicking on the movie of your choice, it is a small file's Torrent downloaded too small. The downloaded file instantly. This small file that comes compressed in zip format contains within it the caption of the movie and the torrent file. If you have installed on your machine the uTorrent and other file turret, no , the file will be immediately sent to a list of files to be downloaded to a screen of uTorrent, and initiate a download process continued almost without interruption.

The film works brilliantly with the legend provided. To be able to view the film with the legend, it is sufficient to put the legend that is a text file format with the extension. "Srt" along with the movie file. If not, rename the movie or putting both the legend of the same name, keeping the file extension as a legend. "Srt" or. "Sub" which is another subtitle file format.

SubRip is a program (software) for Windows that extracts (rips) subtitles to a video file or a DVD.
Subrip is also the name of the file type created by the program, which receives the extension. Srt. This type of file can be read by most media-editing and caption.

The quality of films is impressive. Practically like a reasonable quality DVD. Note that this device is not restricted to micro computer, but you can see these films in devices DVD players, simply to have a PENDRIVE formatted with FAT-32. Some also work with the FAT to NTFS is the most widely used in PCs today.

The modern DVD players have most often an input to Pen Drive, and even TV sets have that entry. In addition are able to play videos in the format Dvix, Xvid, Matroska etc. ... Not only play DVDs like the old appliances.

So if you buy a DVD you have in your current playlist to dvix, and has an entry for PenDrive, just record video on a USB stick, sticks it in your DVD player device, select the device and click on the file the film that will appear in a list on your TV screen.

There will therefore work to burn a DVD, spending money on media. You download to your computer, transfer it to a stick and watch on your TV which has entry for PenDrive or on your portable DVD player that also should have this entry.

All this completely free, and the security of a free reading of shake and crashes that can occur in CD and DVD media. That way you also preserves the mechanism of reproduction of DVD, BluRay, or CDs that tend to deteriorate over time. The average time that a mechanism for reading optical media leads to present problems for 2 years.

The site BRTORRENTS asks donations. I've downloaded many movies there, complete series, and I donated $ 2.00 Two real. If everyone like me to donate even a little, the site can survive without problems.

The time it takes to download these videos is very fast. They are usually downloaded in one night without problems. You leave to go to sleep and falling the next day will have already downloaded.

There is also the ease of using the brand new Pen-drives that use high-speed USB 3.0 port and are already appearing. If you use a USB drive of 35 gigabytes, it can record 3.0 a BluRay movie. By the way torrents are already available in these films in HD (High Definition) They seem to come so that pills can save space, unlike the Blu Ray discs sold and rented in trade that occupy much larger spaces.

A conventional film with a size of 1.4 Gigabytes for example will be copied on a flash drive in a 3.0 minute. As he is faster than the conventional, will be read more comfortably without any crash or slow for your media player.

In addition to the Torrents that charge us only have one machine and Internet access can also download all that is kind of books and read them in our tablets. But not the tablets that you find in stores telephony.

If you want to buy a Tablet will not go to a store that sells phone plans.

They will come out more affordable if you buy a phone plan that comes with the unit, but then you assume an average monthly expenditure for Internet access.

Buy it on sites like e-commerce site ebay. There you will find Tablets cheaper than the stores that offer phone along with the plan post-paid Internet access.

There you will find comparatively much cheaper tablets. Cheaper than even the phone companies offer plans with Internet access. They are delusional.

These tablets enable cheaper and reading books in modern formats with all the illustrations, as opposed to devices that allow only read in text format.

Unanimity of the few in Congress who heard the Digital Book, one was about using ePub. ScrollMotion From Barnes & Noble, the IDPF to Saraiva, all said and reaffirmed that the ePub standard and is here to stay.

Immediately thereafter, there is a new watch unanimously. For a large number of publishers, ePub was a tremendous novelty. So much so, that someone in the audience asked, during a talk by Michael Smith, president of IDPF, the origin of the ePub format. The question illustrates the quantum leap that must be followed by publishers in Brazil, out of general ignorance to the widespread adoption in a short time. Adopting the ePub format will be indispensable for any serious prentensões publisher with the market.
The Basics ePub

It is an international standard for e-books , free and open, organized by a consortium of companies called IDPF - International Digital Publishing Forum . Head the IDPF companies like Sony, Adobe, Microsoft, among many others.

The ePub is an XHTML file produced basically the same codes used by a single page of the Internet (HTML), accompanied by a style sheet. Css to control layout and design. Images and photos are packed, along with the content - one file for each chapter in a file with a. EPub. This extension is recognized by the computer, too, as a compressed file.

That is, ePub is made of technologies and languages ​​already dominated by people. As I said Sergio DM9DDB during the Congress of the Digital Book, the editor you want to create books in ePub just need to hire a programmer HTML4, he knows perfectly how to create books in ePub. The assertion of the Sergius is correct!

The adoption of the ePub format, internationally, stems from two basic needs. The first, establish an open standard for e-books, you do not pay royalties to any company and can be improved over time, as the market evolves. The second, very practical, is to allow the book can be read by the largest amount of equipment and programs as possible, using only one format, to save time and money throughout the production chain of e-books. Therefore, the choice of language and simplicity of XHTML ePub decisions were reflected, aimed at facilitating the adoption and use of the format without difficulty and investments.

E-book from the very simple open in Opus, the Cybook e-book reader

A book made into ePub allows the reading to be a good experience in any type of display, regardless of size, or system. You can increase or decrease the font size, enlarge or shrink the página.Com it is possible to read the same e-book, the same file, on multiple devices, whether it's reading is on the phone, the iPhone , the Sony Reader or PC. The text is automatically resized to the size of the screen.
Going one step further:
and production advantages

There is a huge operational advantage to publishers that adopt the ePub format. EPub is a file written in XML . This is the language of the future. Written content can be easily converted from automatic tools when they are marked in the XML language. Simply enough, XML allows one to classify each piece of text with a given label. Today this may seem unimportant. Next few years, however, with the progress of the Internet and the emergence of what researchers call the " Semantic Web ", this type of classification is extremely useful to relate, link, and generate new online content. Have your books, now in XML, is a competitive advantage and a considerable savings in investment, some years ahead.

EPub book open on the iPhone via the app Stanza

The same book in ePub, as the Sony Reader. The resizable text allows you to read on multiple devices, even with different sizes

Someone will be objected that publishing e-books is possible only in PDF. Yes, of course it is possible.But the flexibility to create and deliver content in PDF, is much smaller. The reading is only good, and even then, on some computers. And yet, the experience of reading is weak, since it is necessary to constantly scrolling the screen, both horizontally and vertically. For the purposes of cognition, reading should be the least possible distraction. In addition, readers are not fools. They know how to easily create a PDF, and PDF publishing only a drop arguably the intrinsic value of e-book. After all, with a PDF editor is offering only basics.

Turning to ePub a PDF, InDesign, Quark Xpress, Word and others, is no easy task. There are tools that convert PDF's and documents automatically ePub, of which the best and most famous of them is the Caliber, a free program. 
With the growing market for digital media players , publishers and manufacturers seek a standard format for publishing electronic books. In a process similar to what happened in music during the 1990s - when the MP3 was crowned the main audio file format - now you can find e-books in various formats.

If you have not started reading on digital platforms, how about starting? And This article shows the various options available - even without spending money on a dedicated reader.

Amazon KindleWhether an application on your phone or computer, to a reader like the Sony Reader or COOL-ER , or the brand new Apple iPad , the format EPUB is the best choice for your digital books. Metadata, images, annotations and bookmarks are just some of the advantages of the format.
Even those who already have a digital library - contemplating formats such as PDB, LIT, MOBI and even PDF - only has to gain from the conversion of books to one that will probably be the industry standard format for e-books.

Although much greater than it was, the market for digital books only came to the general public recently with the launch of the Kindle . This means that there are many tools available - yet - to work with such material.

Fortunately for organizing your library and also convert files between various formats - including PDF and EPUB - you've found right here on Baixaki, an excellent choice of free application, the Caliber .

To perform the conversion you need to have installed on your computer, Size, you can download by clicking the link below:
Clique aqui para baixar o Calibre para Windows

Remember, the Caliber is also available for Mac and Linux , so whatever your favorite operating system, you can use it.

In addition, you must have a book in PDF. For the tutorial we will use the book " King Solomon's Mines "by H. Rider Haggard, available in the public domain and obtained through the . Just remember that the longer offers ManyBooks EPUB versions, but as this article deals with conversion from PDF, this format will be downloaded from the website.

The process is the same for any other file - in PDF or not - but more complicated books with diagramming, or many images, may have reading problems after converting to ePub.

Step by step

1. Setting the Gauge

When you open the Caliber, some basic settings are required. The program asks about the language you want to use the gauge and the directory in which to save your library.
Escolha do equipamento de leitura
After setting this information, the software wizard asks which device you use for reading. While you could set up several specific readers - e-readers, smart phones and iPad / iPhone (with the application Stanza) - an equally valid option is to keep the application on Default, providing basic support for any device.

2. The library

Adicionar livrosPutting books in the library of the Caliber is quick and easy.Simply click on the "Add Books" and choose the file you want to include.To better organize your collection - which can reach thousands of titles quickly, if you search enough - it is worth also edit the metadata for each book.

3. Converting the text

After setting all the additional information included in the book, you can convert it to a variety of formats. Among all possible extensions, however, is the most versatile EPUB.
After clicking the "Convert eBooks", a settings window will open. For a basic conversion is not necessary - in theory - no switch. 
Entrada e saída

On top of the conversion window there are two selection lists: "Input format", which should be filled with the format of the source file - PDF in case - and "Output format" which should be in EPUB. If this is not the format, simply select it from the list.
The different sections found in the left column address technical characteristics of the EPUB e-book, but only a few are really relevant to anyone who is not publishing books, but converting them for personal use.
Edição de metadados durante a conversão
The first section - "metadata" - allows editing of metadata of the destination file based on information from the source file. All changes made ​​in step 2 of this tutorial will be automatically transmitted to the EPUB file.
Preferably do not change anything in the "Look & Feel", since here fit characteristics of typography. Since virtually every reader has internal settings from the default, set this information in the wrong way can harm the outcome of the e-book convert.
Page setup
In "Page Setup", choose the output profile ("Output Profile") more suitable for your reading device. In the case of cell phones or reading on your own computer, choose the default profile ("Default Output Profile").
Structure detection
"Structure detection" should only be changed by who knows how the original file was created, a time that works with information of images, headers and footers through commands and codes.

All e-book presents a converted table of contents (table of contents).

This index can be generated automatically - if the file to be converted does not present the table of chapters - or taking advantage of the index of the original. The "Table of Contents" shows settings for this index.

PDF Input, EPUB output e DebugIn the sections "Input PDF" and "Output EPUB" a few choices you can make about the original file and the conversion result. EPUB in the section on the first box, if checked, forces the creation of a single file - it loads more slowly, but maintains the integrity of the text better - while the second box excludes the creation of a pattern to cover books do not show a picture on the homepage.

"Debug" refers to conversion issues and serves to record any flaws in the process, which can be fixed by changing conversion settings, or to send to the developers of Calibre, to correct programming.

Digital readout

Ready! Now your book is already formatted for the likely pattern of e-books. To check the conversion, you can use your own gauge viewer, or send the book to the reading device of your choice.

Read more at: # ixzz1aHBaqleG

The production of an e-book in ePub demand knowledge of the ePub standard, adequate tools for the production (though, theoretically, any HTML editor can be used), a test environment to the quality of the files produced and - key - the use of smart tags to classify the book, the metadata, the electronic world that replace the old card catalog. More important than the ePub format itself, the editor must be very attentive to the quality of metadata added to your e-book. It is through them that the search engines (Google, etc.) and systems of online bookstores pinpoint the book. Whereas the majority of online sales occur through e-books search, precision and correct supply of metadata is critical to the sale - or not - an e-book.

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