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Saturday, August 20, 2011


 In recent years science has put religion in check, in relation to some traditional beliefs.

As you know the whole structure of Christian religions said based on the theory of the earth as the center of the universe. This is because they believe in a God who cares so with the land that he sent his only Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross and save humanity.

In the Middle Ages when it was believed on Earth as the center of the universe that this theory was overthrown by Copernicus , (pictured) the religious theory of Christianity made sense because God's concern in relation to land it justified, since the land had a great importance to God. In fact according to Jesus all things is important to God because he said "has counted the hairs of our heads."

But the latest study done by the scientist Edwin Powell Hubble reveals that exist in the universe billions of galaxies like the Milky Way galaxy that is home to our solar system with the sun and the planets that circulate around the earth. Within a galaxy in turn are billions of stars.  (See what I'm talking STAR) as the sun. Each star has around himself gravitating planets and their satellites each planet. 

The sun and the solar system is only a fifth magnitude star in the solar system, so there are other stars larger and more important within our solar system.

No universo existem mais astros do que grãos de areia na terra. In the universe there are more stars than grains of sand on earth.

Within this perspective the earth is between the smallest concerns of God, for it is just a speck of dust inside the infinite universe.

In the universe called Black Holes are known as vortexes that suck inward clearing the entire universe galaxies as giant vacuum cleaners. There are even different types of them .  For there is no happiness for those around us.  Your center of gravity is so intense that absorbs even light. Black for iso.

It would be very unlikely then that the Lord of the universe sent His only Son to die for mankind, since the law of averages is virtually certain that there are other planets in the universe inhabited. This was confirmed by Jesus himself said that. "In my Father's house are many mansions."

Mormons about it has an interesting theory that deserves examination before being accepted. .

In Brazil are known as Mormons CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS . Believe it second revelations made by a prophet of their religion that God has a name Eloina.
The Biblical word "Elohim" which wrongly said to be the plural of "Elohah" is but the plural of the original "Eloh" and as such must be accepted as "God" in the Biblical sense reading, become better understood.
However the word "Elohim" in its etymological root, it must be understood in the sense of becoming more clear, as follows: The suffix "El" gave rise to the Hebrew word "Awel" and the Arabic language "Awwal" which originated the word "Allah" which means "God." And the word "Lohi," in Biblical linguistic understanding, as I have had the opportunity to see, means "man". 
So the word "Lohi EL-" means "God Man" and "Elohim" The Gods Men "or" The Gods of Mankind. "All these etymological meanings are not unreasonable at all to bear in mind, the "God the Father" is a "MAN", and our own Savior Jesus Christ, on several occasions said that he was "The Son of Man." (Mark 10:33 and 13:26)
Also according to the Mormons that God dwells in the SOL Eloin called the king and our star is a spirit of great glory.
Lucifer is the Devil according to Mormon belief rebelled against God because they did not agree with the Divine plan for the redemption of mankind.
That Lucifer means "light bearer 'demanded of God share the glory of the Father to accept the plan of redemption of mankind. So there was war in Heaven and Lucifer the Devil along with 1 / 3 of the angels was cast out of heaven to earth .
This information is easier to understand why the administration of God the Father of Jesus Christ would be attached to the solar system and not the entire universe because then their concern would be diluted to infinity.
It is easy to understand quad in certain passages of the Bible says Jesus is God Himself, and in others he makes a clear distinction between him and God father. 
 When he says to Peter when he first asked when he could see the face of God, and Jesus replied that he already has the time and try to know you're still not seeing Jesus in the face of God, and in another verse where Jesus questions. "Why call me good? Well there is only one who is my father in heaven." (So he is not GOD.)
 Indeed, the spirit of Jesus is in permanent communion with God so that the thought is the thought of one another.  So at this point we can say is that Jesus himself is God or their intermediary.
This becomes clear when he says "I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."  So he is the only bridge to God.  Everything goes through him, and he then makes the role of God himself though not himself and do nothing that does so without the permission of his father.
 So if Jesus is the Father, Eloin may well represent the greatest Father, Lord of the Universe.  These are skills that are very diffuse and poorly substantiated, but which arise in the face of growing questions that science will gradually unraveling.
I would like you to read and comment on this matter in this opinion, which I really appreciate it.

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