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Monday, June 11, 2012


Did you have an update for windows xp (WAT) with the code installed KB971033? If so you were caught with an operating system is not genuine or rather pirated. To make it genuine again do as follows ..

* Desisntale this update. Just go to Control Panel / Programs / Uninstall a program / view instaled updates (far left) / Search this update and click uninstall (left corner).
* Reboot the Computer.
* Install the little program LOADER again and then reboot the computer.

To achieve the program LOADER or anyone else that can be used to crack your WINDOWS, download it via torrent.
To do this as follows:

  • Choose one or more cracks which are very popular because it can be caused by its relative success. Do you know if they are popular by the number of seeders (two ultimascolunas right). People who have the file on your computer or people who are downloading.
  • To download the Crack you must click on the horseshoe.Immediately the crack will start downloading to your manager Torrents Once downloaded (It is available by sending tab) click the right mouse button on the downloaded file, and choose. "Open the destination folder."
  • In the destination folder, typically at the Download folder, you can unpack it if it is a zipped program, read the instructions if any, and execute the file.
  • If you do not want to have all this work, click here . And download it directly.

# # # #

If Windows crashes after installation of the Loader, do the following.

Give the computer a boot disk with the Windows installation.
* Select the option "REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER"
* Type "bootsect.exe / nt60 SYS / force" (no spaces)
* Reboot the Coputador.

Note: If your boot is not recovered using the command "bootsect.exe / nt60 ALL / force". Remove all USB devices to it ..

# # # #

If you made a previous attempt to change your operating system in genuine without success, probably there is no solution. In this case you must reinstall the operating system, reformatting the hard drive.

# # # #
When you reinstall Windows seven do not ever let the operating system upgrades because our, or automatically, and set it to as few upgrades with your consent, or will only download and install with your permission. When installing the updates, be sure to read that changes, that update will do on your computer, thus preventing an unwanted update is installed on your computer.

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